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To IDENTIFY the recruits you want, you can search by player name, state, school, position, performance

stats, graduation year, and more.

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scoutSMART helps you analyze by assigning a rating to each athlete based on three key areas:

their on-field performance stats, a skillset evaluation, and academic

performance. This customizable rating is known as the scoutSMART FitSCORE.

Compare Recruits

scoutSMART's visual dashboards

makes it easier to ANALYZE individual player skills and COMPARE athletes against one another to help you make the right recruiting decisions. 

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“scoutSMART has made a significant difference in the way we recruit. The recruit data and analytics are all in one easy to use app that helps our coaches identify and analyze recruits more efficiently. As a Defensive Coach, the new Disruptor Score has helped in identification of defensive players that fit our program”. D1 FBS Coach

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