• Diane Bloodworth

One App for Improved Recruiting Decisions

Coach feedback is key to improving scoutSMART’s recruiting analytics. Coaches want analytics to provide insight that is easy to understand and helps them win. They also want to have all recruiting analytics in one system or app for easier access and maintenance.

The customizable scoutSMART analytics and fitSCORE currently includes:

1. Skills Analysis (based on an algorithm that identifies the most important skills per position)

2. Stats - We recently announced two new scores – Ball Security and Disrupter scores

3. Academics, NCAA Eligibility

4. Ability to integrate with existing recruiting databases such as Front Rush

5. Ability to compare player analytics and scores

6. Contact information, Height / Weight (that includes an indicator if verified) and High School Coach information

7. Hudl Videos

8. Partnership with Brand Armor to provide an online and social media analysis as an indicator of character

To continue with the vision of one app for recruiting analytics, scoutSMART has a road-map for the future:

1. Offers (coming in August)

2. Projected Level of Play (planned for 4th Quarter 2020)

3. Partnership with Heart of Champion Sports to provide additional insight into character

4. Increased camp and combine performance data

We are building a community with the High School coaches and recruits to ensure we have the most accurate data and we are always looking for new analytics and new partnerships to incorporate what coaches need to make informed decisions about a recruit. Share your feedback and ideas with Diane at

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