• Diane Bloodworth

How Do You Measure Character?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Let’s assume that we all agree that character is important in sports. But do we all agree how character is defined and measured for student-athletes? Are there methods to measure character or is an assessment of character totally subjective?

After speaking with a number of college coaches on the topic of character, this is what I have learned about defining and measuring character:

  • Most coaches focus on character when recruiting student-athletes

  • Coaches tend to agree on the extreme behavior that represents good or bad character, but there is often variance in what is acceptable behavior for a college program – “we know good character when we see it”

  • There are different ways of assessing character such as interviews with people that know the athlete, situational assessments, character tests, and analysis of social media. Some of these assessments are more subjective than others

  • To promote good character in athletes, the culture of the college program needs to model good character

At scoutSMART, we are exploring ways to promote good character and provide tools that give college coaches data points to make an accurate character assessment. Tell us what you think is the best way measure character – or @scoutSMART_

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