• Diane Bloodworth


When I decided several years ago to build the scoutSMART analytics platform to help college coaches find recruits that fit their program, I did not realize that what I really needed to build was a “community”. The members of this community include the student-athletes and their families, high school coaches and college coaches. I soon realized the importance of providing value and building relationships and trust with all members of this community. It takes time and effort. This is how we are building the scoutSMART community:

  • Recruits gain visibility by telling their story using data. To make good recruiting decisions, accurate and current data is needed. It is always free for a recruit to be included in scoutSMART. The recruiting process is challenging and the scoutSMART Level Playing Field initiative helps educate recruits so that they can successfully navigate this process to play at the next level -

  • High School coaches play an important role in the recruiting process. They are at the center of this community because of relationships with the college coaches and the recruits. The high school coaches we meet want to ensure that their athletes and their program are successful.

  • College Coaches want to win, and recruiting is key to winning. scoutSMART improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruiting process. College coaches can find recruits that fit their program more efficiently without overlooking potential recruits. scoutSMART provides an integrated platform to access recruit insights and current data.

The right technology is much more powerful when it is leveraged in a community.

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