• Diane Bloodworth

Marketing/Social Media Internship

Interested in working in sports analytics? The CSA scoutSMART team has a part-time paid internship available effective 1/1. The job description is below. Please send your qualifications and two sample tweets for @scoutSMART_ to

The Marketing Intern is responsible for increasing outreach to coaches and recruits.

Tasks include:

  1. Develop and leverage content across social media including LinkedIn and Twitter that increases engagement of recruits and coaches

  2. Manage email campaigns to college football coaches. This includes the development of emails, sending emails and tracking results. CSA uses Hatchbuck as its CRM tool

  3. Support the development of marketing and sales messaging and materials

Work Direction

The Intern will work closely with and receive day-to-day work direction from CSA CEO, Diane Bloodworth. They will also interact with other team members including other interns and sales manager, Jeff Carpenter.

Measures of Success / Feedback

The Intern will sit down with Diane at the beginning of the internship and define measurable goals for the internship. These goals will be tracked at least twice a month to determine progress and any adjustments that need to be made. Each week the intern will meet with Diane to discuss:

  1. Tasks completed for the previous week – this includes constructive feedback

  2. Tasks for the current week – this includes answering questions and identifying any “blockers”

  3. Feedback is ongoing and real-time as much as possible

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