• Diane Bloodworth

The Impact of Junior College Players

Junior Colleges play an important role in providing opportunities for recruits who need additional time to improve their game or their grades. According to a Sports Illustrated article, The Uncertain Future of the Juco Football Pipeline, Ross Dellenger, February 21, 2019 - “ Junior college football (or juco) remains a lifeline for players who are athletically or academically unfit for FBS football out of high school while serving as a veritable farm system for some of Division I’s heavyweights. Oklahoma has signed 18 junior college players over the last five years, for instance, and Georgia added four alone in its 2019 class”.

Based on feedback from our scoutSMART users, we have added analytics on Junior College players. The scoutSMART database now includes more then 3,400 players from 50 schools.

Here are some of the top statSCORES for Junior College players from the 2018 season

For more information on the scoutSMART Junior College analytics contact Diane Bloodworth,

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