• Diane Bloodworth

scoutSMART All-Academic Offensive Team

With high school football season fast approaching we wanted to do something special to commemorate some of the top offensive performers off the field. All of these guys have the highest GPA's along with a perfect smartSCORE of 9.0. Without much further ado, we present the scoutSMART All-Academic Offensive team. These guys are some of the smartest and hardest workers on and off the field.


Josh Strickland 4.9 GPA Gilbert High School @jstrickland1515

Mason Bugg Williams Field High School 4.67 GPA @MasonBugg


Trent Finnegan Broomfield High School 4.3 GPA @trent_finnegan2

Chris Yoo Rampart High School 4.14 GPA @dat1yoo


Creed Galko 4.68 GPA Hilliard Darby High School @galkocreed

Bryant Burns 4.1 GPA Ozark @BryantBurns17 4.1


Danny Urrea 4.3 GPA Covina High School @DMU_11

Payton Mangrum 4.3 GPA Eastside High School @PaytonMangrum


Alex Shirley 4.7 GPA Eastside High School @_alexshirley

Anthony Franklin 4.67 GPA Pinnacle High School @afranklin5754

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