• Diane Bloodworth

Is the Sports Tech Industry Maturing?

No doubt about it, we love our sports. Some of us love our tech. Can we effectively combine sports and technology to improve the game? It has taken time, but technology is becoming more integrated into training, recruiting, injury prevention, and game planning. Have we now crossed the barrier from fascinating to necessary? Here are several indicators that the Sports Tech industry is maturing:

  1. Global Sports Tech Market growth projections continue to increase for 2024 and beyond

  2. Major “players” like IBM, Microsoft, and SAP continue to expand in the industry. Smaller sports tech companies, that are complementary, are being acquired and integrated to create more holistic solutions for their target markets

  3. There has been increased adoption in the past year from athletes and coaches – they are now sharing their sports tech stories and how it has helped them succeed. Even professional athletes are investing in sports tech

  4. Those of us who have always believed that technology has a role in sports have gone from crazy to visionary

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