• Monisha Longacre and Grace Rieger

Check Out our Average scoutSMART statSCOREs by State

In our quest to uncover the best recruits for each college program's specific needs, we dug deeper into our scoutSMART database to identify the states with the highest average recruit statSCORE. To calculate the statSCORE, we compare a recruit’s stats based on position to the national distribution to come up with a score of 1 to 9.

We analyzed each state with over 500 recruits in our database to find that the top five states with the highest average statSCORE are:

Where does your state rank? Hover over your state on the map below to find out the average recruit statSCORE in your state.

If you're a coach, you can dig deeper into our data and find recruits that would be a good fit for your program with a scoutSMART free trial. Contact Diane at

If you're a high school student-athlete or parent, be sure to complete a scoutSMART profile for FREE to make sure coaches are able to find you.

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