• Diane Bloodworth

Today’s College Coach –Differentiate Your Coaching Resume with Analytics

The life of a college coach today includes a certain amount of risk and a lot of relocation. Few coaches remain in the same program in the same role over their career. If a coach wants to move up the coaching ladder or find a new opportunity, they must demonstrate that they can contribute to developing a winning team and that they are a good fit for the institution and athletic program. College coaches can differentiate their experience and increase their value by demonstrating an understanding and working knowledge of how technology and analytics can improve team performance. Here are four ways analytics experience can differentiate a coach’s experience:

  1. Analytics are evolving and becoming mainstream in sports. Today there aren’t many coaches with analytics experience, so this skill sets them apart from other coaches. However, this skill will be required in the future.

  2. Analytics experience demonstrates that the coach is always learning and is not intimidated by technology or new tools that can be leveraged by the team.

  3. Analytics can enhance the recruiting process - many recruits are interested in analytics and technology and a coach that can discuss how analytics are used by the team will contribute to recruiting the best players.

  4. Analytics can bridge the athletic and academic experiences. This is valuable for the institution and an academic reference on a coach’s resume is another differentiator.

If you are a coach thinking about that next opportunity or if you just want to further develop and differentiate your skills and experience, reach out to me to learn more about how scoutSMART analytics can help you find recruits that fit your program. Diane Bloodworth,

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