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scoutSMART Partners with The Kickers’ Zone to provide unique Special Teams data for College Coaches

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May 16, 2018 (ATLANTA) – Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA’s) scoutSMART analytics is partnering with The Kickers’ Zone to provide unique data for college specialist coaches while helping recruits play at the next level. When a special teams player signs up for a Kickers’ Zone camp, they also create a profile in the scoutSMART database.

According to Marc Nolan, Founder of The Kickers’ Zone, “College coaches are under an increased amount of pressure to find the perfect recruit. I believe that scoutSMART provides a perfect recipe to evaluate a true student-athlete. scoutSMART pulls in great data -- statistics and academic scores -- in order to rate the recruit.”

scoutSMART analyzes stats, academic data and assigns a skill rating that is customized for each college program. The Kickers’ Zone team provides additional analysis including a detailed skills analysis and customized videos that are integrated into the scoutSMART profile. The scores are also shared with the recruits to help them improve and identify where they can play at the next level.

scoutSMART helps college coaches aggregate and analyze data to identify recruits that fit their program. According to Diane Bloodworth, CEO of CSA “Our partnership with The Kickers’ Zone benefits coaches by providing in-depth data and unique analysis for special teams players”.

scoutSMART is the only talent evaluation tool used by college coaches to identify the best recruits for their program. The scoutSMART database includes over 50,000 recruits that are assigned a fitSCORE based on their individual skills, stats, and academic scores using a patented algorithm.

The Kickers’ Zone is the first dedicated “cloud based” performance platform for the college bound football kicker/punter specialist and their coaches who desire a very low-cost solution for their training.

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