• Diane Bloodworth

The Role of Academics in Athlete Recruiting

The scoutSMART GHSF Daily All-Academic Team was announced this week. We received a record number of nominations at every position. We are so impressed with these “student-athletes.” They understand what it takes to be successful in life, not just football.

However, it raises the question, do we put enough focus on academics in athlete recruiting? Even the best players that are recruited by top D1 programs around the country must meet minimum NCAA academic requirements to earn a scholarship to play in college. For the remaining 90% of recruits, achieving academically is even more important. Achieving on the field AND in the classroom increases the opportunity for these recruits to get a scholarship to play at the next level.

At scoutSMART, we take academic accomplishments seriously. That is why we have collaborated with the PIERCE Plan and Virtual Tutor.

PIERCE Plan is the first online platform for high school systems to automatically track NCAA academic requirements in real time. We know that navigating the maze of academic eligibility requirements is a nightmare. It’s paper intensive and highly inefficient. For the first time, high school student-athletes, parents, counselors, and Athletic Directors log in to a custom dashboard to receive proactive alerts and access relevant academic information pertaining to eligibility in real time. College scouts can now access verified transcripts and test scores with the click of a button. To learn more, please visit

Virtual Tutor was created to help student-athletes succeed academically by providing personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions whenever they need help. We recognize that student-athletes are busy and barely have time to eat or sleep around their hectic practice and training schedules. Our vTutors are available on-demand on weeknights and weekends. If students need help finishing their homework, prepping for an exam or getting someone to review their paper, our vTutors are here for them. Visit us at to learn more.

The powerful combination of these teams will help recruits get noticed by coaches, ensure that recruits are academically eligible, and help them succeed at the next level.

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