• Diane Bloodworth

How to Start a Sports Analytics Program

There is a lot of discussion about the benefits of sports analytics, but how does a program get started? The most successful programs have specific problems to address or questions that can be answered using analytics. Here are some questions that can help drive the use of analytics:

  1. What is the optimal strength and conditioning profile for each athlete?

  2. How do we find recruits that will fit and succeed in our program?

  3. What player combinations optimize our ability to score points?

Once the coaching staff has agreed on the goals of the program, the scope needs to be defined. We find it is easier to start with a realistic scope. Ask these questions to define a realistic scope:

  1. What team or player data can be easily accessed as inputs to produce the analytics?

  2. What resources (people and technology) are available to support the analytics program?

A smaller scope generally allows for an improved chance of success. Keep in mind that an early success will increase credibility and support the business case to apply additional resources. Finally, the involvement of the coaching staff is key to utilizing and improving the analytics. Ideally, there is a coach that leads and champions the effort. Keep it simple for the coaches to interpret and leverage the data.

If you are interested in using analytics to help find recruits that fit your program, contact Diane Bloodworth

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