• Diane Bloodworth

How Big Data Drives Winning Teams

The recent FBI investigation of an Adidas executive and several college basketball coaches has raised the question – what is the best way to tackle the challenge of high school recruiting?

Currently sponsored camps play an important role in allowing college coaches to observe recruits that are of interest to a team and also providing in-depth data points on the recruits. Recruits are attracted to these camps thinking this is the only way to get the necessary exposure to the right coaches. But, perhaps there’s a better way for coaches to find the perfect recruits for their programs.

We believe college coaches can gain sufficient insights into recruits across the country using scoutSMART analytics to identify a smaller number of players that they would want to see in person. This database greatly increases the efficiency of finding the perfect players without the added costs of travelling around the country.

Successful teams are starting to see that there's only one key ingredient to developing winning teams -- it's data. Today’s technology has made it possible for us to access, harness and analyze data like never before. With scoutSMART, coaches have direct and instant access to data for hundreds of recruits and moreover, they are able to customize the analytics based on what is important to their specific program.

Why try to beat the system, big data and predictive analytics can help you create a winning team, connect with or email me to learn how scoutSMART can work for you.

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