• Diane Bloodworth

Selecting the Right Sports Tech

The number of technology solutions in the sports industry has grown significantly over the past few years. Sports teams must now decide which technology solution will provide the most benefit. While having options is great, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Here are a few guidelines that can help sports teams select technology that will help them win:

  1. First, define the challenges or problems that face the team

  2. Prioritize the challenges or problems

  3. Determine if any of these challenges or problems could be improved with the application of technology

  4. If the team decides to move forward with a technical solution, define what features are important when selecting a solution. Example of features include functionality, price, ease of use, and security

  5. Group these features into 3 categories: Must Have, Need to Have, and Nice to Have

  6. Perform a comparison of the solutions by the features and need. This can be a simple matrix that shows how each technology solution addresses the need. A sample is shown below.

Following these guidelines can help a team identify what is important and determine the solution that will have the most benefit.

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