• Diane Bloodworth

Bridging the Gap

It is an exciting time for technology. In the past few years, we have seen technology change the way we eat, drive, and shop. The disruption continues in other industries. At Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA), we believe that the college athlete recruiting process is ready for change. Our vision – student-athletes are recruited to colleges where they thrive on the field and in the classroom and coaches build winning teams.

What if…

  • Student-athletes focused only on the colleges where they will be admitted, play, and succeed rather than being overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available

  • Coaches focused their limited resources on the student-athletes that will fit their program and help them win

  • The transfer rate for student-athletes was reduced

  • The coach responsible for recruiting made it home for dinner more often

We believe that these goals can be accomplished through the scoutSMART fitSCORE. Coaches leverage customized analytics to determine the fit of a recruit for their program. Student-athletes identify their preferences and receive a fitSCORE that includes a list of the top five schools where they will succeed. For more information, contact Diane Bloodworth at

If you are interested in playing football or basketball in college, take our FREE survey to see the best 5 schools for you.

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