• Diane Bloodworth

College Athlete Recruiting by the Numbers

There are 480,000 student-athletes, and 19,000 NCAA Teams. Never has college athlete recruiting been so visible and so important to winning. A mistake in the college recruiting process is expensive for both the college and the student-athlete. Student-athletes are excited to post on social media the number of offers that they have received. It appears that getting a lot of offers is a badge of honor. The most important number should be “1” – that is, the student-athlete only needs 1 offer from a college where they will be successful.

D1 men’s programs spent $92M on recruiting in 2014 (this has doubled in the past decade). Is this trend in increasing recruiting budgets sustainable? While winning results in bigger budgets, is there a more effective way for most colleges to recruit? Even with this increased spending, the NCAA reports that 546 (or approximately 12%) of the men’s basketball players transferred in 2016.

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