• Diane Bloodworth

One Size Does Not Fit All

As we talk to different college coaches, it is clear that one size does not fit all when it comes to recruiting. The coach and the program have different needs and requirements. Some coaches are looking for athletes with specific physical attributes and experience. Some programs require certain academic accomplishments to be accepted and to succeed. Coaches are looking for recruits that are a fit with their culture.

The recruits are also looking for a “fit” with the college that they select. They have a lot to consider including – distance from home, field of study, playing time, and financial assistance.

The wrong decision can be costly for the college and the recruit. Analytics can assist in this important decision. The decision will still be made by a coach and a recruit (and their family), but by leveraging analytics, they have what they need to make the best decision. CSA’s recruiting analytics platform, scoutSMART, allows coaches to identify what is important to their program to produce a unique fitSCORE for a recruit. Our recruit fitSCORE helps the recruits identify the schools where they are most likely to succeed. Everyone wins.


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