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Interested in a career in sports analytics?

Based on the number of resumes I receive regularly, I believe that the answer is “yes” for many students and recent grads. Since college graduation is right around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to list some of the jobs that are available in this new field:

  1. Data Analysts – Simply stated, provide quality data that can be trusted and easily understood and used. Responsibilities include collecting and managing data, mapping data, ensuring the quality of data, normalizing data, and data visualization.

  2. Algorithm Analysts – These folks work with the team to develop algorithms or calculations using the data. This is especially important when we want to leverage machine learning. Often, these are PhD types, so if this is your calling get some experience and plan on graduate school.

  3. Software Developers – These guys and gals must implement in code everything that the Data Analysts and Algorithm Analysts dream up. In addition to developers, business analysts and testers are often needed. These jobs are in demand and there are often good entry level positions. You don’t have to have a Computer Science degree to be a software developer. Just interest, aptitude, and ability to translate ambiguous requirements.

  4. Marketing / Product Management – It isn’t enough to “build it and they will come”. We need those marketing types to help get the word out and ensure that market needs are being met. Responsibilities include designing analytics needed by the target market, developing content to demonstrate thought leadership, and of course Twitter (yes, you get paid to Tweet).

In my next blog, I will discuss the skills and background needed for these positions in startups and larger companies. Don’t be surprised to see the word “Grind”.

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