• Diane Bloodworth

Sports Analytics – Iterate and Improve

The final phase of implementing a winning sports analytics program is to iterate and improve. One of the benefits of using a repeatable methodology to produce the analytics is that it allows for adjustments to the analytics based on feedback and usage. Some of the questions that we want to ask include:

  1. What analytics have been beneficial to the coaches and athletes?

  2. What analytics have been difficult to understand and use?

  3. What analytics are providing no value?

  4. What analytics are missing that could provide additional insight?

As we ask these questions, we need to determine if the analytics need to be improved or if additional training is required for the coaches. There are a number of ways to get this feedback, but meeting in person with the coach and watching how they use the analytics is the best approach. This phase is ongoing - continue to ask for feedback and to calibrate or replace the analytics.

We hope this blog series on Sports Analytics 101 has been helpful to your sports program. If you are interested in additional information about how to begin a sports analytics program contact me at

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