• Diane Bloodworth

Sports Analytics – Defining Scope

The first step of a sports analytics program is to define the goals. Once the goals are defined, it is necessary to determine the initial scope. Ask these questions to define a realistic scope:

  • What team or player data can be easily accessed as inputs to produce the analytics?

  • What resources (people and technology) are available to support the analytics program?

A smaller scope generally allows for an improved chance of success. Keep in mind that an early success will increase credibility and support the business case to apply additional resources.

In a new sports analytics program, it is usually best to “pilot” the analytics. Rather than roll-out the analytics to the entire coaching staff or team, you can select one coach who is receptive to providing feedback. This feedback allows for iterative

improvements and a friendly environment to address any issues. Leveraging a pilot is another way to improve credibility.

If you are interested in additional information about how to begin a sports analytics program check out CSA’s resources and contact me at

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