• Diane Bloodworth

Delivering Predictive Analytics for the College Game

There is a lot of buzz about analytics these days in college athletics. We have spoken with a number of college programs and they are looking for ways to leverage analytics, but many are not sure how to get started. Some teams have developed advanced analytics with assistance from other academic departments, but they aren’t sure how to leverage the analytics that are produced.

At Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA), our approach is to understand the goals of the program as well as the coaches’ approach to the game. We strive to deliver predictive player analytics that are easily understood and help teams win. The CSA approach incorporates “People, Process, and Technology”. We have found that all three are needed to deliver meaningful and accurate predictive analytics.

  1. People – CSA has the right people involved in developing our analytics – this includes subject matter experts, such as an NFL scout for our scoutSMART football recruiting analytics, algorithm analysts, and software developers. We also involve the coaches by allowing them to select their preferences and what is important to their style and scheme of play.

  2. Process – A good process ensures that CSA has a way to consistently produce and improve our analytics. The process clearly defines the roles and responsibilities for ensuring that the analytics are relevant, accurate, and valuable.

  3. Technology – Patented technology allows CSA to deliver highly accurate predictive analytics in a scalable, yet customized manner. We have found a way to customize predictive analytics for each college athletic program.

Most professional sports teams have the resources (systems and people) to develop and use analytics. CSA’s customized, yet affordable approach, can deliver valuable predictive analytics to college teams that are only available by the pros at this time. If your college team is interested in leveraging player analytics to help you win, check us out here, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter!

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