• Diane Bloodworth

Coaches + Analytics =

Do coaches need an analytics expert? Most college coaches do not have the budget to hire someone on their staff to focus on analytics and the coach may not be sure how to leverage analytics in their program. After working with several college coaches, I think that there are ways to use analytics without hiring or becoming an analytics expert:

  1. First, the coach must be open and receptive to exploring how analytics can improve their program.

  2. The coach needs to identify the areas for focus and improvement. Any analytics program should directly relate to helping the team win. The coaches understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Just identifying an area where analytics can help a team improve, increases the focus on that area. What gets measured, gets done. Coaches can start with these three main categories as they look for areas of focus in an analytics program:

  • Recruiting

  • Game Planning

  • Athlete Performance

  1. Leverage faculty and students in the math, analytics, statistics program, or other related disciplines. These experts provide their knowledge and area of specialization, but the coach needs to drive the program. The analytics produced need to be understood by the coaches and support their goals in building a winning program.

  2. Explore some of the easy to use platforms like scoutSMART. These platforms allow coaches to customize the analytics for their program, without being an analytics expert.

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