• Diane Bloodworth

Sports Analytics – Cool or Crucial?

I have had the opportunity to participate in the sports analytics industry since the early days when there was limited interest. I struggled to communicate my vision of how analytics could impact and change sports. The industry has evolved and sports analytics are now “cool”. Data geeks and fans are usually the ones generating this idea. The next phase for sports analytics is to be perceived as “crucial” by athletes, coaches and teams. In order for this to happen, we have to step away from cool and think about analytics that are crucial to decision-making. Whether the decision is related to training, recruiting or game planning - analytics need to improve the decision-making process as defined by those who are making the decision.

It is very exciting that athletes, coaches, and teams are now interested in leveraging analytics. At CSA, we are focused on ensuring that our sports analytics add value to crucial decisions that result in more wins.

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