• Diane Bloodworth

The Future of Technology in Sports

People often ask about my vision for technology in sports. The challenge is not a lack of technology or vision. The challenge is proving that technology helps win games and that coaches share this vision. Here is my vision for the future:

  • Coaches find recruits that fit their program through analytics and learning systems

  • Data is collected and analyzed on athletes to maximize their training, prevent injury, and ensure game readiness

  • Athletes and coaches simulate games using virtual reality to improve game preparation and prevent injury

  • Coaches use technology to improve game planning by analyzing opponent tendencies, match-ups, and overall game strategy. The breakdown of previous games is organized and analyzed in a manner to improve individual athlete and team performance. This includes visualization and analytics

  • Coaches use analytics to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the team and to develop a recruiting profile

  • In addition to traditional coaches, the coaching staff includes people who understand and can successfully leverage technology. The teams that will be most successful are those teams that effectively integrate technology into all aspects of the game

  • The integration of technology becomes part of the game and innovation continues to evolve

These are exciting times in the sports technology field. Technology will continue to grow in importance if we ensure that there is value in what we provide to coaches and athletes. Of course, the most exciting part of the game remains that wildcard - the grit of the athlete.

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