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Brand Armor helps college coaches:

  1. Complete upfront internet and social media deep dives of recruits

  2. Identify adverse behaviors before making a recruiting decision

  3. Understand the character of the player on and off the field 

The Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and leadership to athletes and professionals in the sports and entertainment world through recruiting advisement, corporate consulting and event production. We navigate this complex and expansive industry while focusing on you. To learn more, please visit

Heart of a Champion Sports helps athletes and teams develop positive character traits. scoutSMART is working with Heart of a Champion Sports to assess Grit and Growh Mindset in recruits -

PIERCE Plan is the first online platform for high school systems to automatically track NCAA academic requirements in real time.  We know that navigating the maze of academic eligibility requirements is a nightmare. It’s paper intensive and highly inefficient.  For the first time, high school student-athletes, parents, counselors, and Athletic Directors log in to a custom dashboard to receive proactive alerts and access relevant academic information pertaining to eligibility in real time.  College scouts can now access verified transcripts and test scores with the click of a button.  To learn more, please visit

The Kickers Zone is the first performance platform for the college-bound football kicker/punter specialist and their coaches who desire a very low-cost solution for their training. For more information, please visit

My Football Evaluation prepares student-athletes to become recruits and addresses exactly what a recruit needs to do to be in a position to gain Exposure. They help players find the best target fit colleges for their athletic skill set, and academic dreams by projecting which college program would fit their needs. For more information, visit