Next Level Recruiting Insights
to Disrupt Your Opponent's Offense

Disrupter Score - Indicates the percentage of disruptive plays for a defensive player and includes Sacks, Tackles For Loss, Hurries, and Pass Breakups.

Ball Security Score - We know the importance of protecting the ball. Our new Ball Security score tells you the percentage of ball security success.

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Disruptor Score Examples

Defensive Player with 28 Tackles for Loss, 28 Sacks, 2 Pass Breakups and 14 Hurries = Disruptive 14.40% of plays

Defensive Player with 18 Tackles for Loss, 1 Sack and 18 Hurries = Disruptive 6.16% of plays

Ball Security Score Examples

WR with 1008 yards, 14 TDs, 41 Catches, 1 Fumble = Ball Security Score 97.56%

QB with 1005 passing yards and 285 rushing yards, 15 TDs, 11 interceptions and 3 fumbles = Ball Security Score 92.75%

QB with 3487 passing yards and 111 rushing yards, 52 TDs, 9 interceptions and 3 fumbles = Ball Security Score 96.88%

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