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scoutSMART incorporates recruit data points into one platform to make it easier and faster to analyze all aspects of the recruit to determine right FIT for your program.

scoutSMART now includes new data points to provide important insights into recruits and support decision making for offers.

New Data Fields



The most recent offer is displayed, and additional offers can be viewed. This information is updated weekly

Core GPA 

Shows Grade Point Average of only Core Classes

NCAA Eligible 

Shows recruit's NCAA Eligibility Status  


New Scores 

Ball Security Score

The percentage of ball security success - incorporates the number of attempts and touches

Disrupter Score 

The percentage of plays that a defensive player disrupted through Hurries, Sacks, Tackles for Loss, and Pass Breakups


Height / Weight Enhancement 

If verified height and / or weight exists for a recruit that is saved to your home page, select the green check marks to indicate that the measurables have been “verified” 

 Improved Search Filters 

Additional filters are available to sort by High School or Junior College, City, and to search by Player Name


Ability to search by Position and Height and/or Weight

Search now allows for the selection of a height and weight range. Example Search: 2022 OL in Texas that are more than 6’3” and 320 pounds

View thousands of player profiles.

100% customizable to your preferences!

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