High School Coaches

We want to help your student-athletes play at the next level. Send us a spreadsheet of your prospects including name, position, graduation year, contact information, Twitter handle and academic info (GPA and test scores if available). We will give a shout out to one of your player on Twitter @scoutSMART_ 

Contact Diane at diane@scoutsmartrecruiting.com for more information

Here are some common questions that we hear from High School Coaches:

Q: What is scoutSMART? How can my players benefit?

A: scoutSMART revolutionizes the college recruiting process. Including your players in our database, will allow for coaches to search for players based on the needs the program is looking for. Our proprietary analytics system and database allow for coaches to evaluate and search for prospects much faster as many college programs still resort to only watching film. Your players will have unique exposure to these college coaches. 


Q: Which programs have access to your database?
A: We currently have a range of NAIA to Power 5 schools utilizing our database. 


Q: Is data sold to outside vendors or third parties?

A: In the current environment of data security, we understand this concern. We can assure that we do not sell data to other vendors or third parties. College Coaches, who are subscribing members, have access to the multiple pieces of data to use for their recruiting process.


Q: Who can access my student’s data?

A: In compliance with our data privacy policies, only vetted members of a college football program will have access to sensitive recruit data. Additionally, each recruit has the opportunity to sign up and claim their existing profile to constantly update changing information but do not have the ability to view other player’s profiles.


Q: Who evaluates our players?

A: With the help and insight from NFL scouts and data professionals, we developed a patented algorithm that focuses on the skills that are most important by position. Our scores are on a scale of 1-9. The statSCORE is based on in game  statistics. As for the skillSCORE, the college football coach provides their own rating for players based on their interpretation of film or observation of the recruit.

Head Coach Robin Bacon, Spring Valley High School -


"We have been very blessed here at Spring Valley High School to work with scoutSMART in helping promote our players to college coaches. There cutting edge technology and their social media presence has helped my players be seen by a wider group of college coaches across the country."