Frequently Asked Questions

What is scoutSMART?

scoutSMART is an analytics platform that helps college coaches find recruits that best fit their program. scoutSMART produces a fitSCORE for each recruit based on their high school stats, skills ratings, and academic scores.


How can I create a scoutSMART profile?

You can create a FREE online profile at any time. If a profile already exists, you will be able to select the profile and validate and update your data.

How can I get a copy of my profile?

If you registered to create a profile, you will be able to log in and review your data. If not, you can email us at or DM us @scoutSMART_ to request a copy of your profile and validate the information.


What information is included in the fitSCORE that is reviewed by a coach?

The fitSCORE is a combination of your statSCORE, skillSCORE and smartSCORE.  Below we explain in further how your statSCORE is calculated. Your highlight video is reviewed by a college coach to produce a skills analysis based on your position which is used to calculate your skillSCORE. Your academic accomplishments are reflected in the smartSCORE (and yes, coaches want dedicated students as well!). scoutSMART’s patented algorithm uses all of these inputs to develop the overall fitSCORE. We can’t measure your determination yet, so include a note in your profile and keep grinding.

How do you calculate the statSCORE?

Well, we can’t tell you all of our secrets, but each position has associated stats. We compare a recruit’s stats to the national distribution to come up with a score of 1 to 9. Just stay focused on producing results on the field and your statSCORE will reflect your success.  

What stats are included in the statSCORE?

The stats that are used vary by position. The tables below shows the stats for each position.

Other Notes:

  1. If a player is missing a stat, their statSCORE will not be penalized (i.e., if a kicker didn't record his PATs, it won't negatively impact the statSCORE)

  2. We don't necessarily use all stats from a player's profile in their statSCORE. For example, we only have a few defensive lineman with interceptions. INTs aren't included in the defensive lineman statSCORE but they can still be listed in the player's profile

  3. A player can only have one statSCORE. If a player plays multiple positions, we calculate his statSCORE for each position, then choose whichever statSCORE is best

  4. Many positions are combined into a single position. Positions like inside linebacker, middle linebacker, outside linebacker -- these are all considered to be linebackers in scoutSMART