Get More Exposure for Your Campers 

Help your campers get discovered by college coaches
by encouraging them to complete a scoutSMART profile

What is scoutSMART?

scoutSMART is one of the top talent evaluation tools used by college coaches to identify the best recruits for their program and it is a NCAA approved scouting service. Our database includes over 75,000 recruits that are assigned a fitSCORE based on their individual skills, stats, combine results and academic scores.

Why participate?

  • Completing a scoutSMART profile is completely FREE for the recruit and we would like to invite all of your campers to create a profile to make sure they are seen by our college coaches and recruiters and boost their chances of playing at the next level. A great number of scoutSMART recruits get offers from colleges ranging from NAIA to D1 programs.

Combine Data = Higher Recruiting Exposure 

In order to help more recruits, we are asking camps, just like you, to provide us with combine data. This will allow college coaches to have complete recruit profiles and allow them to analyze a recruit's athletic ability.

It's easy for your campers to join scoutSMART

Simply add this URL to your Web site, marketing materials, registration pages and emails to get your campers to create their scoutSMART profile and also input their combine data:

You may also submit a document with your camper's info and combine data. Simply upload it below and we will automatically input their data into scoutSMART.

Upload Doc

Below is a sample recruit profile

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 11.15.54
Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 11.16.05