Find The Recruits That Fit Your Program

scoutSMART helps college football coaches efficiently
find the best recruits for their program using
a customized, easy to use recruiting analytics platform 

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Stop spending time searching for recruit information

Find the recruits that fit your program in less time 

scoutSMART brings together all of the recruit data and insights in one platform so that you spend less time searching for the right recruits. scoutSMART has more than
75,000 high school recruits, 9,000 Juco recruits and the recruits in the transfer portal.

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Focus on the right recruits with
scoutSMART's Projected Level of Play
Based on a number of data points, scoutSMART projects where the athlete will most likely play. Categories include FBS-Power 5, FBS-Other, FCS, or D2/D3/NAIA
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scoutSMART allows you to compare the recruits that are at the top of your board. The scoutSMART Compare Players feature allows for objective comparison by athletic skills, performance, and academics. These comparisons drive objective discussions that inform the best decisions
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Use objective data to help you decide who to offer
!Recruiting On The GO 
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